Community Enhancement Awards

The following individuals and businesses have been recognized by the town for their committment to improving Hagerman. Please join us in congratulating them.
June 2009
Frances Olivas (303 N Oxford)
March 2009
Mr. and Mrs. Isidro Barraza (304 Fairview)
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Appledom (106 S York)

December 2008
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Garcia (#1 Circle Drive)

June 2008
Family Dollar Store (602 W Argyle)

March 2008
Gambino Rodriguez (104 S Canterbury)
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Jennings (105 N Winchester)

July 2007
Allsup's Convenience Store #251 (7670 Wichita Rd)
Mr. and Mrs. John Morgan (501 S Manchester)
Mr. and Mrs. Lupe Carrasco (402 and 406 W Argyle)

May 2007
Hagerman National Bank (7611 Wichita Rd)

March 2007
Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Rodriguez (411 W Morgan)

November 2006
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Ramos (102 S York)

May 2006
Mr. and Mrs. Apolinar Vargas (600 S Manchester)

April 2006
Rose Garcia (112 N Winchester)

December 2005
Mr. and Mrs. Humberto Morales, Bobcat Super Market (101 E Argyle)

November 2005
Judy King, Excalibur Video (109 E Argyle)
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hoppes (203 N Oxford)

October 2005
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Brown (103 W Morgan)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hernandez (203 W Washington)

September 2005
Billy Troublefield, Groundskeepers and Board Members (Hagerman Cemetery)

April 2005
Mr. Joe Sutherland (107 N Winchester)

February 2005
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rhodes (220 W Elm)

October 2004
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Bishop (302 S Green)

September 2004
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Carlton (217 W Argyle)

July 2004
Mr. and Mrs. Pilar Mendoza (801 S Manchester)
Munson Construction Company (601 W Argyle)

June 2004
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Andrus (600 N Cambridge)
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Moss (510 N Cambridge)

May 2004
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Juarez (200 W. Argyle)

April 2004
Ms. Nancy Flores (303 S. Manchester)