Welcome to Hagerman

News and Announcements

We will have replacement rolloff bins located at the corner of Manchester and Argyle and another located across from Town Hall with alley access to help assists with storm clean up Monday.

The Hogwash will be organizing a reward fund to help catch the person who stole the copper from the communications tower during the storms. This person not only stole from all of us, all of us were at greater risk. $200 has been pledged so far. More details next week.

Farmers' Market held June 29, July 27, August 31, September 28 at Community Center.

The Hagerman Hogwash

Town of Hagerman Five-Year Plan

Forward steady positive growth without losing a sense of family and community

Business Friendly

Develop industrial park as the prime location for new industry.

Promote the expansion of existing businesses.

Nurture new startups in the community.

Proud Ownership

Multi-faceted approach to a clean, safe community including code enforcement, clean up help to those in need, and demolition as a necessary.

Downtown renovation and beautification.

Create an actionable plan to improve housing in Hagerman.

Community Focus

Promote community organizations that provide programs to youth and family.

Provide a site for information to be posted for residents and future residents.

Maintain our focus as a family-oriented community.

If you would like to join us in moving Hagerman forward, please email info@hagermanforward.com