About Us


A Hagerman that flourishes in business, culture, history and spirit. We work to improve our future, together, to move Hagerman forward.


To combat community deterioration and improve the community of Hagerman through inter-agency and individual cooperation.


  • Development of a sustainable entrepreneurial economy

    • Coordinating training programs to help residents and students learn skills needed in a changing economy.

    • Guiding residents in the specifics of starting and maintaining small businesses.

    • Providing micro-loans for those businesses to get started.

    • Incubating fledgling businesses during their growth, especially to employ residents.

    • Pursuing funding of projects to revitalize Hagerman's economy.

  • Coordination of access to affordable and safe housing

    • Encouraging developers and investors to build or renovate affordable housing in Hagerman.

    • Acquiring, removing or rehabilitating property in Hagerman that has become blighted or dangerous.

    • Securing funding or volunteers for residents to improve their homes and remedy code issues.

    • Assisting residents to receive grants, especially the elderly and impoverished, to remedy safety and sanitation issues in their homes.

  • Preservation of culture, history and community

    • Supporting community cultural celebrations such as Hagerman Old Timers' Day and Cinco De Mayo.

    • Improving children's well-being by helping to lessen the effect that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) have.

    • Providing access to educational programs and performances.

    • Digitizing, organizing and promoting the community's history and municipal ordinances.

    • Creating and maintaining a community library for the residents of Hagerman.

Our Story

HagermanForward was started in 2010 as a charitable organization to assist the community and the residents of Hagerman, NM through donations, education, direct services, and volunteers. We welcome your requests as well as your donations of time, money, and material. HagermanForward was granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS in 2011, so your contributions are tax deductible.

Post Office Box Z

Hagerman, NM 88232

Telephone and text (575) 208-4493


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