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Town of Hagerman Municipal Ordinances

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The Town of Hagerman has initiated a comprehensive plan. A comprehensive plan is the Town’s guide for current and future decision. It assesses where Hagerman is today, documents what Town residents and community leaders want for the future and outlines the steps to get there. The priorities and recommendations that go into the Comprehensive Plan guide the Town’s capital funding requests and makes Town grant applications more competitive. Please share your ideas about what Hagerman needs so the plan represents what projects and programs Hagerman residents think are important. Your participation will inform the plan and contribute to the Town’s future.

Town of Hagerman Five-Year Plan

Forward steady positive growth without losing a sense of family and community

Business Friendly

Promote the expansion of existing businesses.

Nurture new startups in the community.

Develop industrial park as a prime location for new industry.

Proud Ownership

Implement multi-faceted approaches to a clean, safe community including code enforcement, clean-up help to those in need, and demolition as a necessary.

Lead community renovation and beautification.

Create actionable plans to improve housing.

Community Focus

Support community activities that provide programs to youth and family.

Provide information for residents and future residents online.

Champion movements that promote resilience from the effects of poverty and adverse childhood experiences.

If you would like to join us in moving Hagerman forward, please email info@hagermanforward.com