Highway 2 Construction Update

Post date: Apr 13, 2011 9:31:16 PM

The major work that will be starting in May is the Hagerman Bridge work. This work consists of jacking the bridge deck up and modifying the underlying structural components and updating them. The deck will only be raised one inch or less, so traffic will be able to travel over the bridge at a reduced speed. Also part of the bridge work will be repairs and upgrades to the top side of the bridge as well. This will cause some traffic delay because this will be done half of the bridge at a time. ....[T]emporary signals [will be set] on each side of the bridge to allow for one direction of traffic to proceed over the bridge at a time. This is just like a pilot car operation only this will be on a 24 hour basis for a couple of months.

The road widening is not scheduled to start until July or August of this year so there is a little more time available for residents in planning ahead for this work.

--Mountain States Constructors, Inc.